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Why do I need a client pipeline and CRM?

Without a system to keep track of referrals, chats on Instagram or Facebook, leads from LinkedIn or your website, you can end up with a leaky bucket (and that's no good to anyone, right?).

I have created this system to keep everything in one place and somewhere you can track your DREAM clients (potential ones anyway) from contacting you to onboarding.

There's also a spot for 'a no for now' because they could say 'heck yes' later!


Here's What's Included:

Video tutorial

Let me show you how to copy the Trello board into your own system.


I've done a complete walkthrough of the Trello board giving ideas and tips on ways that you can customise for your own business.

Checklists galore!

I've gone through every stage from new DREAM client contact to onboarding. You can tweak and change the checklists to suit your business and what you need (or don't need).

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